Verbal Behavior and Verbal Operants
This blog post is addressed to parents, and it is intended to cover some of the most used and basic concepts in ABA: Verbal Behavior and Verbal Operants.
Schedules for children with autism
In the challenge of raising our children, there is one thing that our parents often pass on to us that only from our own experience as caregivers - and ABA professionals - can we understand its importance: the schedule.
The Nemecheck Protocol
Certainly, as humanity advances and science attempts to answer the many questions that our restless nature raises, other new doubts rise...
Parents painted blue
Recently, I found an anonymous quote that I thought was great to share on ABS social media: “Autism doesn't come with a manual: it comes with a parent who NEVER gives up”. And it seemed to be a perfect reflection.
Reporting Child Abuse
ABA professionals are, by law, mandatory reporters of child abuse cases. The protection of children is a duty of every person. There are issues, such as this one, on which almost everyone seems to agree. But, sometimes what seems obvious when it comes to morals and ethics has a dangerous side.