Team quotes

Eloisa Arandia

“The life of an Analyst is full of surprises, long days with short sleep and lots of daily hallenges. When you think that something got stable, a sudden change brings you back to a variable trend accompanied by the need for a quick decision making. To this formula, please, add the daily workout of preparing training to parents and program implementers which sometimes absorb you in a wave of enthusiasm but, at moments, it might make you eel you need a megaphone to be heard. Data is your best friend, your morning coffee and our bedtime story, but careful, it sometimes pairs with terrible nightmares. Never loose sight of your goal, shape your responses and move forward, because consistency makes the difference. One day, sooner than later, you start seeing the miracle of a blooming spectacle and you discover a smile you never saw before, a word felt like a whisper that rounds your senses or the preamble of an incipient interaction that would pass unnoticed to a non-ABA eye, and you forget about all your struggles and believe that there is hope and future on each and every one of these creatures.  There is not better reward!”

Gabriella Casale

“Not only does this line of work result in great achievements for our clients and their families, but also for the therapists and analysts who help to make that possible. There is nothing greater than the feeling of knowing you’re making a difference in a child’s life.”

Yarelis Lopez

“A constant but not lost battle. An unexpected hug from a sensory client. An unexpected sound from a non-verbal client. That never-before-heard little response when asked to follow direction. Those first hand changes over time are the interpretation of your reality through patterns that are not ours. Struggles arise in every instance of challenge, but the most rewarding thing is being able to be the silent observer of your thoughts and the stillness  behind your silence.”

Margarita Perez

“A positive attitude always helps a lot and… even if it doesn’t guaratee that things will go well, it ensures that you will keep the best of every experience. Happiness does not depend on what happens to you, but on what you tell yourself about what happened to you.”

ABS Memories