Light It Up Blue
A few days ago, I was reading an article about Paula C. Durbin-Westby, a disability rights activist who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. She writes articles on her blog and other media and participates in speaking engagements on autism and disability rights. In 2011
Strengthening Bonds, Empowering Families
Part of our work as ABA providers includes conducting parent training sessions. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practice highlights the critical role of parent trainings and its profound impact on the success of interventions for individuals with developmental disabilities or behavioral challenges.
Saying goodbye to a client
Saying goodbye to a client and family we have worked with for a long time can be difficult. Often, our clients are very young, and we see them grow and develop thanks to our work as ABA providers.
Happy Holidays!
This post can be seen as a continuation of the one we did exactly one year ago, in which we talked about how to make Christmas a happy time for everyone.
Verbal Behavior and Verbal Operants
This blog post is addressed to parents, and it is intended to cover some of the most used and basic concepts in ABA: Verbal Behavior and Verbal Operants.